When I started writing, I used to make millions of grammatical mistakes in my documents. Whenever I delivered my work to my editor or a client, the feedback would sometimes be disappointing. I had creativity. Yes, my delivery and flow of thoughts were unique, not to mention the few jargons I used to spice my writing. My work was one of the best, save for my poor grammar. At one point, as I was chatting with one of my fellow writers, he asked whether I have ever used Grammar. Well, I hadn’t. Previously, I had seen the platform advertise itself on most of the videos I watched on Youtube. However, it didn’t bother me at all.

Signing Up

After the talk, I chose to sign up for a free plan as I didn’t have enough money to pay for a plan. It was simple and took just a few minutes to create an account. That is one advantage of the free plan. Once you’re set-up, the account will be ready in a few seconds. There are no payments to be made and no advanced steps to be taken.

Besides, you get access to some of the basic grammatical corrections you probably never seen. Now, this is the best bit of it, and you get suggestions to mistake corrections. Not only that, the free plan helps you with alternatives and better options for your grammar. By the time you’re done with the editing tool, you would have written a masterpiece, which everyone will be happy about.

Now, from a financial perspective, Grammarly is free and economical. Whether you have money or not, this plan will serve you. You’ll get the basic grammar tips you need. There are more benefits to experience especially once you start using the platform.

But why is a Grammarly free plan not the best? Well, like any other plan, it has its own shortcomings. Grammar is not just about spelling mistakes. And there’s more. The free plan offers you only basic grammatical mistake corrections. When writing for platforms that entertain zero room for grammatical errors, this plan is not the best for you. Why is this the case?

For instance, a book written for publishing should have zero mistakes. Imagine readers going through your book only to find errors. You will certainly lose them all. Grammarly for free offers basic corrections with limits to advanced ideas. Therefore, this plan is good for beginners but not advanced writers. Furthermore, you will learn little as the corrections made at the advanced level may be probably what you already know.

Advancing your Grammar

There are stages in everything, and it starts with the novice level. At the intermediate level, you ought to grow, which will only happen if you make life changing decisions. One major step in improving your grammar is purchasing a plan Grammarly plan. There are different packages, and that depends on what you want to achieve.

At the intermediate level, you are expected to write content that is free from errors schoolboys make. Free Grammarly won’t help you much. You need extra features to come up with fine writings that will impact society for the longest time possible.

With a paid plan, you get access to more advanced features. These features allow you to improve your grammar to a great extent, and within no time, you’ll be among the best. When Grammarly gives you alternatives to your writing, you learn to look at things differently. Your perspective grows as well as your wealth of vocabulary.

Expressing yourself in words is not the easiest of things. Some readers believe some words have the same meaning, while others may not. Or, they could be closely related. Another instance is that of a writer who would use different words to mean the same things. For readers with expansive minds and a wide range of vocabulary, that would be misleading.

Grammarly helps you identify the correct words for the exact idea you have. But, to access this feature, you need the paid plan. It is not available with the free plan Grammarly.

Which one is better?

When given options to choose from, one must critically evaluate the options. A final decision must be made, but it is important to make decisions based on circumstances. For instance, the Grammarly free plan is suitable for learners. There’s no pressure to deliver and much to learn. It offers a great opportunity to learn. Besides, there’s no need to pay for the advanced features when you do not need much of your use features.

As you start to advance even in your competences, you become more needful of the advanced features. At this point, you can start paying for the cheaper plans. As you grow more, you’ll need to grow in your vocabulary, diction, and creativity. The advanced features give you space to achieve this. Although to unlock the platform’s full potential, you will have to pay for the premium package.

The premium package will help you get to the advanced level or maintain a high level. The only disadvantage is it is the most expensive of the packages. But that should not be an issue. The beauty of it is you get value for your money and greatly improve in writing. You also widen your perspective and creativity too.


The Grammarly plan you use depends on the level of writing you are at. As a beginner, it is advisable to use the free plan and go for the paid plans as you advance. Although, there’s no harm with using the paid plans even as a novice. It will prepare you for the future and even accelerate your growth. Advanced writers should always use paid plans. This is because of the access to advanced features, which is pivotal in better writing. As an expert, you want to write and create a story that will educate and impact the readers at the same time.