Top 20 Java projects on GitHub

GitHub is the most popular Git repository hosting service available to consider. Developers who come from all parts of the world are using it. You can find some amazing projects that are hosted on GitHub as well. Here is a list of 20 of the best Java projects that are hosted on GitHub. Based on the information that you can see about the projects, you will be able to take the decision to make your Java projects go to the next level with ease.

Butter Knife can be considered as a method binding that is available for Android views. It is based upon annotation processing. In addition to that, Butter Knife will be able to help you to generate boilerplate code as well. 

Spring Framework is one of the most popular frameworks popular among Java developers out there in the world. In fact, Spring Framework has the ability to take Java language developments to the next level. Therefore, you will be able to use Spring Framework and develop large scale enterprise level applications. It is even possible for you to introduce a variety of architectures and scenarios to the frameworks that you develop with Spring Framework.

Glide can be considered as an efficient and fast open source media management application available to consider. It can also be considered as a great image loading framework that is available for Android. It can provide you with the chance to get hold of disk caching, memory caching and decoding capabilities. Moreover, the interface offered by Glide will be able to help you with resource pooling as well.

If you want to develop chat functionality in the Android apps that you develop, MPAndroidChart is the right project available on GitHub. You will be able to use this as an easy project and take the chat functionality in Android apps to the next level with ease. 

Guava is providing you with access to the Google core libraries in Java. In fact, you will be able to get your hands on numerous new collection types, which include a graph library, immutable collections and functional types as well.

If you are interested in developing Spring powered applications, Spring Boot is the right framework that is available to consider. It can help you develop enterprise level applications with minimum hassle. You will also be able to develop enterprise level services with the help of it.

OkHttp is an HTTP and HTTP/2 client available for the Java applications and Android mobile apps that you develop.

Retrofit is a HTTP client, which is available for Java as well as Android applications. This is a type safe client that is available to consider. It was developed by Square Inc. 

Elasticsearch is a RESTful search engine, which is backed up with a distributed architecture. It has been developed to help people who develop cloud based applications with Java.

RxJava is providing you with access to reactive extensions that are available for Java. This is an excellent library, which is available for you to compose event based programs and asynchronous programs as well. You will be able to get the work done with the help of observable sequences while using RxJava.

If you are looking for a powerful system, which can be used to display images on Android applications with ease, Fresco is the right tool available to consider. You will be able to use it with ease and get your work done.

JADX is offering GUI tools and command line tools, which you can use to develop Java Source code from APK files and Android Dex. It is one of the best projects available for the developers who are working with Android applications.

Picasso is one of the most powerful projects designed and developed for image downloading. It can also provide an image caching library, which will be able to help you when developing Android applications.

Universal Image Loader is a highly customizable project available for loading images. You can also use Universal Image Loader to cache images and display images with ease. You can get a flexible and a powerful interface with Universal Image Loader as well.

AndroidUtilCode will help you get your hands on an easy to use and a powerful library, which is designed for Android. This library will be able to help you encapsulate the functions, which are widely being used in Android development. If you are looking forward to take Android developments to the next level, you should be seeking the assistance of AndroidUtilCode.

EventBus is a subscribe and publish event bus, which is available for both Java as well as Android. You can use them while you develop web applications and mobile applications.

ZXing is widely known as zebra crossing. This is a multi-format and open source barcode processing library. Along with the assistance delivered by ZXing, you will be able to process both 1D barcodes as well as 2D barcodes. You will also be able to implement them with ports to other languages as well.

Apache Dubbo is a Java based framework. This is an open source framework, which is powered up by Ali Baba. You will also be able to consider this as a highly performing framework available to consider. 

LeakCanary is a library, which you will be able to use for the purpose of memory leak detection. You can use this for both Java and Android. 

Lottie for Android is a mobile library available for both iOS and Android. It has the ability to help you with getting animations created with Adobe After Effects in the form of JSON files. Then you will be able to display them as native animations on mobile.