Best Android Offline Shooting Games

Nowadays, we all are living with a pandemic disease that is named “COVID-19”. In this situation, due to this disease, we are not allowed to go anywhere. We are bound to live in our homes. As we do not go out of the home, we have nothing to do with living at home. We have nothing by which all of us can spend our free time. One thing that we all can do is play games. These games may be online or offline, whatever you like the most. One thing about online games is that for these games internet connection is required. These games are expensive in all aspects. But, offline games are not much expensive as online games. 

The only thing that you have to do is to install them by using the internet. Then you can play these games whenever you want without any connection requirement. And nowadays, Android is an under-appreciated platform when this comes to single-player offline shooting games. And many online shooter games like Call of Duty and PUBG have marked this platform. It also offers you to play any games on it. I have written this article to reduce your tension about the best Android offline shooting games. I have brought the list of the top class offline shooting games. The list is given in the following. 

Cover Fire

Cover fire is one of the coolest games. It is one of the best looking shooting games that are available to play offline for Android. This shooting game has more than 10 million installs. It is a fast-paced shooting game with multiple missions and a lot of game modes. But, its offline mode is the main focus. The cover fire also offers a multiplayer mode to play with your most lovely friends. This game offers as many features as you want. These features are high-quality graphic design and stunning animation effects. Moreover, all its developers added great sound effects that help you to create a charming impression. 

In this game, you need to make a plan that will repel all your enemies attacking your territory. Also, you can take a unique weapon from the arsenal. You can also teach new skills to your soldiers. It would be best if you tried to destroy as many zombies as possible. These zombies appear from all sides. Therefore, you have to be careful and attentive. There are a lot of functions, such as you have to feel like a real commando. When you perform tasks like a commando, then you will get great pleasure from the gameplay. You can download this from google play without any cost.

Lone Wolf

A lone wolf is another one of the most popular offline shooting games for Android. This game is quite an intense game that tests your morals. The game is definitely not suitable for anyone who is below 18 years of age. The game offers you great sniper gameplay. It also gives you an amazing storyline that keeps unfolding through comic strips between gameplay. The gameplay is fascinating and challenging at the same time. The storyline helps you to keep yourself hooked for a long time. By playing this game, you get ready to dive into real sniping action. You also make the toughest decisions of your life in Lone Wolf, which challenges your morals at every point. 

Lone Wolf hits the mark if you are looking for a serious and downright brutal offline shooter game. This game is a two-dimensional shooting gallery with a memorable storyline. In this game, the action occurs in a large metropolis where criminal deals are done, and real wars are fought. The main shootout in this game takes place at an enormous distance. You have to use sniper rifles with various sights, stabilizers, and additional gadgets for accurate shooting. This game is not as simple as it seems. You have to learn the story of the character in the parts. You can download this game on Google Play Store.

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is one of the most famous offline shooter games that offer a different approach for Android gamers who need their sci-fi fix. It was first released in 2015. This shooting game has more than 5 million installations on Google Play. Your gameplay is customizable for the beginning. In this game, you can play by choosing different characters. Each character is present with different weapons and abilities. The game continues the legacy of its predecessor. First Dead Effect was the first competent shooter on Android. 

By playing this game, you can enjoy amazing graphics, a great story, and high-octane gameplay. This game offers you a lot of content to enjoy it. To kill your time, this horror-themed shooting game is the best option for you. Many weapons and gadgets and around 20 hours of the single-player campaign that is both intriguing and highly exciting will keep you hooked. You can try this game if you really want an offline shooting game for Android that provides a great storyline.

Overkill 3

If you are looking for a simple shooting game, this game is the best option for you. It is a game where you can customize the difficulty of the gameplay. One of the neat features of overkill3 is selecting how difficult the gameplay is when you start the game. In this game, you have the guidelines through various levels, culminating in big boss battles that get harder as your progress. 

This game is offline, but you can also go online if you prefer, with daily tournaments and co-op missions, as well as the ability to earn achievements for gameplay. This game offers you good graphics and easy control. There is a whole arsenal of various powerful weapons such as rifles, bazookas, machine guns, attack aircraft, and various scenarios and levels with a constantly changing landscape.

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