Best Android Offline Strategy Games

Today, everyone is living with a dangerous disease that is known as “CoronaVirus”. This disease is also known as “COVID-19”. This is a pandemic virus that has spread throughout the whole world. It is a disease in which we are not allowed to go out of our homes. It is such a virus that we all are bound to our houses. Everything has been closed since the start of this deadly virus. While living at home, we have nothing to do at home. 

Everything has disturbed while living at home. We have nothing special to do in such conditions. We need something interesting and entertaining while living at home to spend our spare time. Three are a lot of options to pass our free time. But gaming is the best option for all of you. Gaming is the best option for the entertainment of yourself. 

In the choice of games, strategy games are the best option for your interest and entertainment. There are various strategy games. So, it may be difficult for you to find the best strategy games for yourself. To solve your problem, I have brought a list of the top class strategy games available without any internet requirement. The list of the best offline strategy games for Android is described in the following. 

Kingdom Rush 

Kingdom Rush is one of the most popular strategy games. In this game, your goal is to attack the enemy’s buildings. In this strategy game, the game player gets the invitation to go through many missions designed for one that one. That player has to compete with the computer mind as an enemy. While we overcome obstacles, we gradually move towards our most important adversary: the sovereign of demonic creatures. 

The opponent will be all dark creatures such as orcs, goblins, giants, and many other magical creatures. Many roads are there at each location in the game. On all these roads, you are attacked by monsters, and you need to fight back with these monsters. To do this, you have to build buildings from the towers and then manage the characters. The tower can be of many types, such as these may be armies of archers, squads of knights, unions of magicians, and crossbowmen. 

You can also pump the skills of the characters because these characters have their own many characteristics. To go through these locations, you have to use a large number of strategic moves. You will get bonus points for completed levels. By using these points, you can upgrade weapons and characters. The game has high-quality graphics, detailed style, and animation. This game is special for all those who love strategies on their smartphones. 

Plague Inc

Plague Inc is one of the representatives of this genre. This game is a real plague stimulator that has spread throughout the whole world. You must have to protect yourself and also your country from this unexpected contagion. By playing this game, you will experience new sensations. Before playing this game, you have never seen such a strategy. After all, by playing this game, you are fighting literally against the whole of humanity. 

About the popularity of this game, you can say that almost all the leading publications around this world wrote about the project, from The Guardian to the New York Post. In this strategy game, your main enemy is the plague. This plague continues to spread around the globe. It would then be best if you had a rally to save the remaining world from this plague and fight back. 7 different types of diseases are presented in Plague Inc. for Android devices. 

And one dangerous thing is that 5 different kinds of mutations are there to turn people into monkeys. In this game, you are like a hero that saves this world from this deadly disease. The plot of this game looks so simple, but it is not that easy. If you want a hero in this strategy game, you should download it to save the world from the plague. In short, this game will increase your love for humanity, especially for your country and the people of your country. 

Bio Inc

The game Bio Inc is gorgeous. To reach the end of the game, you require a lot of hours. You would not get bored just because of its dozen different levels and various ways of passing. And the biomedical conditions of your patients and the course of all the diseases are characterized by 100% realism. The plan of this game Bio Inc is very usual and original. In this game, a player acts as a “doctor of death”. 

It should bring the patient to death by manipulating a variety of functions as soon as possible.  It does not allow the rest of the doctors to cure him. The game has 12 levels with different passages. All these levels are not similar to each other, which means long exciting hours of the game. In the development of the disease, more than a hundred biochemical conditions represent a wide scope for that development’s imagination. This strategy game also offers you to develop your logical thinking, speed, attention, and sleight of hand. 

But, it is not that easy to create deadly diseases. It is essential to memorize the algorithm of actions leading to success and not another failure. Here in this game, attention and good memory will help you a lot. This strategy game has many other features, such as excellent graphics, intuitive interface, user-friendly, and unobtrusive music. It would be best to be extra smart, active, and attentive to be the game-winner in this game. Because many other doctors will obstruct you, if you want to be a “rebel doctor”, you should download this game to entertain yourself. 

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