Elementary OS – Things you need to know

Elementary OS is one of the most popular Linux distributions available to consider. It is working with the aim to become a fast, modern and a good looking replacement to Mac OS and Windows OS. In fact, Elementary OS is looking forward to introducing the beautiful designs of Mac OS and deliver them to the users in an effective manner.

The fully comprehensive desktop offered by Elementary OS is the main reason behind its popularity. You will be provided with a unique look and feel with it. In addition to that, there are numerous custom-coded apps available to consider as well. A paid app store is available to use. Therefore, you can make sure that you will never run out of apps in order to get your work done.

Here are some of the most prominent features that you can find in Elementary OS. You can go through these features and make the decision on whether you are going to move forward with Elementary OS or not.

  • The desktop

You will be able to receive an excellent desktop with Elementary OS. This desktop is quite similar to the desktop that you can find in Mac OS. If you want to get the same look and feel, but don’t want to restrict the functionality, you should make the decision to move forward with Elementary OS. You will get attached to the overall user experience. 

  • Welcome screen 

An excellent welcome screen is offered by Elementary OS as well. This is one of the best features that was introduced by the latest release of Elementary OS, On the other hand, you will be able to find numerous basic options such as setting up night light and location reporting with the help of it as well. If you are working for long hours, you should pick the night light mode. Then you will be able to overcome eye strain in an effective manner.

You can find a variety of applications available on the left-hand side of Elementary OS as well. They include the top panel centering the date. On the other hand, you can find a system tray on the right-hand side as well. 

  • Applications 

A large number of applications are available for you to use along with Elementary OS. In fact, numerous default applications come along with the operating system and they are in a position to make life easy for you. When you take a look at the applications, you will notice that most of them are geared towards minimalism and simplicity. Epiphany is the web browser that is provided along with Elementary OS. It can provide you with a great experience.

However, you should also keep in mind that the web browser that comes to you along with Elementary OS might not be the best. Therefore, you are encouraged to get your hands on another web browser as soon as you gain access to the Elementary OS operating system.

  • Email 

The email client that comes with Elementary OS is derived from Geary. However, numerous robust capabilities have been introduced to Elementary OS in order to make it better. The email client has a simple interface as well. Hence, it is ideal for most of the users to consider it.

Along with the email client, other installed applications that come along with Elementary OS include Photos, Terminal, Calendar, Files, Music, Video, and Many more. The unique feature of all the apps is that they are custom for the Elementary OS.

  • System settings

System settings offered by Elementary OS are quite impressive as well. You will notice that there are many icons, which will be able to assist you with configuring the environment in an effective manner. 

People are provided with the opportunity to take better control over the system with System settings that are offered by Elementary OS. Therefore, configuring this operating system and getting work done will never be an issue.

  • App center

As mentioned earlier, Elementary OS comes along with a comprehensive app center. People who use Elementary OS will be able to get their hands on all software needed through the app center. Inside the app center, it is possible to find both free apps as well as paid apps. 

Applications are available with Elementary OS for getting most of your basic work done. You just need to take a look at the app center and get hold of the apps. In the meantime, it is also important to keep in mind that all the apps that are available in the app center are open source. 

Ease of use offered by Elementary OS

Elementary OS is a relatively easy operating system to use. If you are looking forward to getting your hands on the very first Linux operating system, Elementary OS will be an excellent choice that is available for you to get. You will also notice that there is a possibility to extend the functionality of the programs that are available with Elementary OS. Browser previewer and terminal emulator that comes along with Elementary OS have received a lot of attention.

The control center of Elementary OS is contributing a lot towards the functionality offered by Elementary OS. For example, you will be able to enable night light from the control center and deliver enhanced protection to the eyes against blue light. This will introduce a red color layer to the display.

The picture to Picture mode is an impressive feature available in Elementary OS. It will take a live scene from the workspace and you will be provided with the freedom to move to another workspace with it. This can deliver an enhanced experience to you at all times.

Keep these facts in your mind and get your hands on Elementary OS. You can explore the functionalities offered by it and understand how convenient this operating system is.

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